Goat Roping

Glen’s older brother, Kenneth is on the left and Glen’s future brother-in-law, Wally Walters is on the right.

The year was 1947. Glen was a student at Tehachapi High School. His friend and future brother-in-law, Wally Walters was working in Mohave on road construction. Wally asked Glen to accompany him on a trip to Mohave to buy a couple of goats. Glen loved an adventure so he climbed into Wally’s 1941 Buick convertible in Tehachapi and off they went.

In Mohave, Wally bought two goats, a horned male and a female. The Buick had a retractable canvas hood. Glen and Wally tied up each goat by their hooves and then proceeded to lay each one on the back seat. Half way to Tehachapi the horned male got loose, stood up on the back seat and punched its head through the canvas hood. Then it had a fine view of main street Tehachapi and looked back and forth at the pedestrians who were roaring with laughter. Not so Wally who was mighty pissed off at what happened to his beloved Buick convertible. Wally and Glen continued on their way to the buyer. Wally got his money for the goats who would be used for goat roping.

He was glad to be rid of them.

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