Glen Chesnut:
An Original Voice

Glen Chesnut makes you see what’s special about the every day—walking down the street, making a cup of tea, watching a fly trying to break free. In his poetry, flash fiction, and short stories, Glen recalls hilarious life experiences and then touches on more serious topics like the brevity of life. Everything is here in capsule form. He takes the largest issues and transforms them into many-faceted jewels in his written works.

Step back in time with haunting black and white images of post-war European life.

Get a glimpse of the artist’s quirky side through his large-canvas oil paintings, small-format multimedia works, and art that contains his poetry and prose, plus his riveting sculptures.

Cowboy. Sailor. Artist. Writer. Husband. Glen was each of these; he was all of these.

The Turtle

About Glen Chesnut

1 9 8 7—The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. In one week, Glen went from receiving an award for his artwork to being hospitalized and operated on for a ruptured appendix.

The Good: Artists’ Society International, under the leadership of Donald Karr, presented Glen with the Art Achievement Award: Expert’s choice for his acrylic painting, The Archer.

The Bad: There were indications something wasn’t right with Glen the night of the ceremony. He complained of stomach pains, and when I touched his forehead, he was sweating.

The Ugly: Glen’s appendix burst a week after receiving the award. While it was bad, his surgeon told me he had seen worse. Glen survived but was a shadow of his former self. He continued working on his art in our huge attic studio on Sanchez Street in San Francisco’s Noe Valley.

The Written Works of Glen Chesnut

A collection of flash fiction, poetry and short stories that will hit you immediately with outrageous humor, poignancy and meaning. Yes, “Written Works of Glen Chesnut" is a posthumous collection. but the writer comes alive on every page.​